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New generation airless spray equipment

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article image Airlessco airless spray pump system.

THE Airlessco range of airless spray pump systems has been released by Cormack Anest Iwata (CAI), exclusive Australian distributors.

Featuring the unique digital pressure system (DPS), the sprayers feature advanced electronic controls that provide higher atomising pressure over more conventional systems, while providing greater reliability compared to mechanical gauges.

Each unit is a complete system that takes the guesswork out of choosing the right pressure setting. Quick dial pressure setting makes it easy for the user to find and set the optimum application pressure.

According Eugene Van de Straat, CAI's product manager, Airlessco sprayers provide uniform coverage with consistent thickness that save time and material, with a superior finish everytime. Steady, dependable pressure allows the user to work more efficiently, with consistent results.

The sprayers also feature a constant pressure system, which allows the user to spray heavy coatings at high pressure and light coatings at low pressure, without any visible spray fan fluctuation or pulsation.

This feature allows the units to provide consistent one-pass coverage across a full range of spraying pressures. The controls are moisture and freeze resistant. They have no contact with paint, have no wear parts and require no maintenance.

Other features include a long life super-packing system, with hardened stainless steel piston and an all-stainless steel pump, with slow stroking (on SL models) for longer life.

The one-piece pump body has no seals and wear parts and comes with a lifetime warranty. Extra large valves help handle the really heavy coatings.

The new sprayers are available in a range of sizes ranging from 0.75hp to 1.25hp (0.56kW to 0.93kW). DPS is available on all models except for the LP460.

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