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article image The Iwata Revolution air brush.

A NEW range of air brushes, described as "a breakthrough in the air brush industry” has been released by Cormack Anest Iwata .

Now available in Australia, the Iwata Revolution air brush is designed to provide users with a quality tool that performs exceptionally well and is value-priced.

Most noticeable in the new air brush range is the ergonomically-enhanced chrome handle design.

Manufactured to extremely close tolerances, the self-centring fluid tip and hardened stainless steel needle, seat together precisely for a secure long lasting fit.

Two internal bushing sites behind the trigger allow the needle to stay centred throughout the air brush, for perfect alignment of internal working parts.

These air brushes can handle just about any application for the student, hobbyist, crafts person and even the industrial user.

All parts are easily removed for cleaning and, like other Iwata Eclipse models, one tip and one needle does it all.

Iwata Revolution air brushes use a Teflon packing needle seal which is impervious to solvent-based paints and is easily replaced.

The new range is made up of two models: the BCR (bottom feed) and the CR, with 15cc gravity feed cup.

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