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Air compressors with oil-less pistons

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article image The IS875 and IS925 compressors.

IWATA has released the Studio Series range of air compressors. Available through Cormack Anest Iwata , the range includes two new units: IS875 Smart Jet Pro and IS925 Power Jet Lite.

The new units feature "sprint power" from oil-less piston motors that provide extremely quiet operation and require no maintenance.

Like other compressors in the range, the two units shut off automatically when not in use.

The new generation, all-in-one design gives the user full capacity air on-demand. Being a piston-type, the user is assured of more a consistent airflow, rather than spurts of air that is common with diaphragm-type compressors.

On demand air reduces running time, reducing energy use and heat-related moisture build up. Less motor wear means longer compressor service life.

User-friendly features include a built-in airbrush holder, an integrated moisture filter and air pressure regulator.

Supplied in a smart protective metal case, with an integrated carry handle, the IS875 and IS925 are ideal compressors for mobile professional users like nail technicians, applicators of spray -on body tans, make-up artists, automotive graphic artists and sign writers.

The IS875 has a powerful 1/8 hp motor providing pulsation-free compressed air at up to 18 litres a minute with working pressures to 35psi.

The IS925 boasts a 1/6hp motor, air supply up to 30 litres per minute and enough pressure, up to 60psi, for up to two airbrushes.

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