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article image Breathing mask and air-quality monitor.

CORMACK Anest Iwata has released the Airfed 2100 full-face breathing mask and the Martech Quality Air Breathing System.

The AF2100 safety mask is a class LDH3 safety device that provides a protection factor of 200 times the occupational exposure limit. The complete unit comes with a 10m breathe hose and has a preset air flow that meets the requirements of AS/NZS1716.

The 2100 is now fitted with a double-action safety coupling that prevents accidental disconnection of the air feed line to the mask. The mask also incorporates an improved air diffuser. Located under the browguard, the air diffuser directs airflow down and under the face. Downward air flow moves air away from the eyes, compared to more conventional units which blow air upward. This means better eye protection and less risk of sore eyes. A visual air supply indicator located within the user’s peripheral vision allows the user to ensure that air is being supplied at all times.

The Martech System has a continuous multifunction monitor. This is situated after the four-stage filter. The filter incorporates an automated moisture discharge to ensure that air supply is dry, protecting both the operator and the equipment. This monitor continuously checks on CO, CO2 and hydrocarbon levels. A 90dBA alarm sounds along with a visual warning light should air quality not come up to standard. Low air pressure will also activate the alarm. The system is supplied ready to use or as individual components. This allows an easy upgrade for existing equipment. In a ready to use format, the system is panel mounted and easy to install. The system complies with NIOSH and AS standards.

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