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ANCA launches affordable and high quality MX5 tool grinders

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ANCA introduces a new range of affordable tool grinders positioned between the entry level FastGrind and the larger TX series.

ANCA’s MX5 is the latest member of the popular MX family of tool grinders and includes the most important features of the MX platform in an affordable package. Designed for the volume producer, the MX5 tool grinders also offer the flexibility to easily manufacture mixed batches.

While stability and power have been included to cater to endmill manufacturers and a wide range of tool grinding requirements, the MX5 has excluded or altered certain features not required by all users to keep the cost low.

Accurate tool grinding comes from the precise positioning and repeatability of the grinding wheel. The high end ANCA MX Series and TX Series tool grinding machines are known for their superior accuracy, stability and rigidity, which come from the grinding wheel and spindle being supported in the machine by a huge casting called the bi-symmetrical gantry. Evenly straddling the tool centre line, the spindle gantry provides the rigidity required for producing consistently accurate tools.

The design of the new MX5 tool grinders also allows the grinding wheel to remain very close to the C axis pivot point, helping to produce high levels of profile accuracy for tools requiring substantial 5 axis movements such as corner radius or ballnose endmills. The new MX5 offers all the rigidity, stability and accuracy characteristics of the proven MX7, but at a lower price.

ANCA has achieved this by using a lower powered spindle (26kW in MX5 vs. 38kW in MX7) and fewer wheel packs (2 in MX5 vs. 6 in MX7), making the MX5 ideal for the grinding of a majority of cutting tools up to 16mm.

The MX5 also comes with ToolRoom 2012 software from ANCA, which includes an easy-to-use new endmill wizard and intelligent, integrated 3D graphics simulation. RoboMate is a high capacity and compact loader option available on the MX5 for production or re-sharpening. The MX5 can also be fitted with similar accessories to the MX7 such as the Pop Up steady, White stick and Wheel dressing.

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