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Issue highlights of AMT August 2012 magazine from AMTIL

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The new August issue of the AMT magazine from AMTIL highlights the importance of laser micro machining in cutting-edge applications.
The August issue leads with a feature, ‘Guiding light – A pulsed laser micromachining primer’ by Magnus Bengtsson of Coherent who points out the versatility of laser micromachining with its use in applications spanning several industries from solar cells to medical devices and flat-panel displays. New rugged industrial-grade lasers with picosecond pulsewidths have been developed with the same choice of near-IR, visible and UV outputs, and are proving ideal for cutting-edge applications that need even smaller features in thinner materials.
Industry News features articles on industry reaction to carbon tax, the new ocean power project, and AMCRC’s new aerospace additive manufacturing project.
The Company Focus section spotlights EV Engineering and their development of a new breed of electric cars.
Continuing with the focus on Micromachining, the August issue features an article by Scott Rathburn on Canada-based Micro Precision Parts Manufacturing that machines parts from various materials, including standard ferrous and nonferrous metals, as well as titanium and other exotic alloys, plastics and ceramics.
The article, ‘Laser micro-machining offers an edge’ focuses on the increasing use of the technology in many industries with its ability to produce smaller, finer and more accurate results compared to traditional machining methods.
The Material Removal section features articles including ‘Investment in quality pays off’ by Barbara Schulz, ‘New spindle connection maximises metal removal’ about achieving production efficiencies in machining tough materials such as titanium, ‘Milling structural steel’ and ‘Taking the waste out of roughing’ on reducing time and cost involved in material removal using the Waveform Roughing Strategy.
In the One on One section, Nina Hendy speaks with Dick Warburton – Executive Chairman Manufacturing Australia about his thoughts on the carbon tax and why Australia has a duty to help save the country’s devastated manufacturing industry.
Forming & Fabrication features articles on metal punching, as well as a new bending system for section bars by Tauring.
The Education & Training section spotlights Lean Manufacturing courses funded by the government and their lack of tangible benefits for companies.
Also, in the article, ‘Fostering skills to support Australian manufacturing’, Sriram Balasubramanian writes about MTAB having an established high-precision manufacturing skills development role in numerous developing and developed regions including India, the South-East Asian region, the Middle East region, South America and Africa.
The Motors & Drives section features the QLD-based Swire Cold Storage, one of Australia’s largest cold-chain logistics service providers, which was able to resolve the problem of the chain drive pushers being unable to cope at peak times with SEW-Eurodrive’s products for far less money than expected.
The Software feature, Wary of the Cloud focuses on the preparedness of 24 countries around the world for the growth of cloud computing technologies.
Craig Charlton, Senior Vice-President and General Manager, Asia Pacific Operations for Epicor Software writes about how ERP software, when employed effectively can help manufacturers gain a competitive edge.
AMTIL Forum topics in the August AMT magazine issue include Forum Strategies: People lead business management, Forum OHS: Update on harmonisation, Forum Law: Avoiding liability under new Australian Consumer Law, and Forum Finance: Re-think on cash flow management.

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