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Clean technologies, and opportunities of the future – By Greg Combet, Minister for Industry and Innovation

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article image Greg Combet, Minister for Industry and Innovation
With countries around the world stepping up efforts to reduce carbon pollution, a new competitive environment is being created where businesses will be able to prosper by moving to cleaner energy sources and cleaner technologies.

The Australian Government has put in place several programs to drive investment and innovation in areas that will be in demand in a carbon constrained world.

The $10bn dollar Clean Energy Finance Corporation will foster investment in the clean energy sector, particularly renewable energy, low emissions and energy efficient technologies, as well as manufacturing companies that produce the necessary inputs.

The $1.2bn Clean Technology Program will help modernise and update capital equipment in existing industries to make them more competitive in a low carbon economy. This program has three streams: the Clean Technology Investment Program, the Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program and the Clean Technology Innovation Program.

The Clean Technology Investment Program will provide $800m in grants for manufacturers to invest in modern plant and equipment, which will cut energy costs and reduce emissions.

The Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program will provide $200m in grants to support food and foundry manufacturers in maintaining their competitiveness by investing in energy-efficient equipment and low-pollution technologies, processes and products.

The Clean Technology Innovation Program provides $200m over five years to support research, development and early stage commercialisation of clean technology products, processes and services.

Additionally, the Government has made $5m available through the Clean Technology Focus for Supply Chains to enable companies in the SME sector to introduce clean energy solutions into their supply chains.

Clean Technology Supplier Advocate, Dr Mark Newson is also working with businesses that produce clean technologies to identify and capture new opportunities for business growth by capitalising on their increasing demand and provide high-wage, high-skill jobs.

Clean technology makes environmental as well as economic sense for companies who can improve the bottom line by promoting energy efficiency, reducing waste and encouraging the development of new materials, products and services.

A range of National CleanTech Industry Capability Teams will help CleanTech companies to collaborate in their dealings with customers. In addition to increased sales of CleanTech products and services to customers in the target market groups, the increased uptake by the target customer groups will make those industries more efficient, competitive, resilient and sustainable.

Target customer groups include built environment and infrastructure, food and beverage production and processing, manufacturing, mining/resource and minerals processing as well as developing countries.

By showing manufacturers how to grow their business with innovative business models and smart technology, the Government will help the manufacturing sector to remain sustainable and internationally competitive, and make the move to a low-carbon economy.

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