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AMTIL announces speakers for its Australian Manufacturing Conference

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AMTIL has announced the speakers for the various sessions at the Australian Manufacturing Conference.

The sessions will cover a range of topics, from thought leadership and keynotes to technical presentations and case studies. 

AMTIL profiles four of the presenters this week.

Jeremy Nathan

Jeremy Nathan is MD & Product Manager of IndustrySearch.com.au, a leading industrial supplier discovery and collaboration website. 

Jeremy Nathan’s presentation titled ‘The Internet: opportunity or threat to your business’ covers the implementation, management and leadership of a company through the exciting opportunity of the Internet. Session participants will learn real live practical insights into such areas as customer relationship management (CRM), lead nurturing, content marketing, online branding, website development and management, search engines, and procurement and supply chain optimisation.

Linsey Siede

Linsey Siede is Director of Automotive Supplier Excellence Australia (ASEA) at AutoCRC. Linsey has previously served in executive positions in Australia and internationally in both the machine tool and automotive industry sectors.

Linsey Siede’s presentation ‘Journey of Growth & Success for SMEs’ will define the typical path and milestones for successful and growing SMEs based on comprehensive companywide business assessments conducted by ASEA over the past six years at more than 110 Australian companies, comparing global best practice, identifying improvement opportunities across 11 key competency areas of their businesses, and helping them implement more than 350 separate projects to improve both their competitiveness and business sustainability. 

Leadership and management are key to the success and future of any business, and the magnitude of this effect on different aspects of the business will be presented, allowing all participants to learn both how and where to improve their own businesses.

Clive Martell

Clive Martell will present on ‘Advances in Robotic Machining’ based on the 8 million Euro COMET project to develop plug-and-produce methods for the adaptive control of industrial robots for high-end machining that could enable cost effective, flexible and reliable manufacturing solutions. The project combined the experience and expertise of fourteen technical partners from eight countries across Europe, with Delcam as the Co-ordinating Partner.

One of the key outcomes of the project was Delcam’s PowerMILL Robot software, which simplifies the programming of a robot. With the software, robots can be programmed for tool-to-part applications, making them ideal for machining large parts, such as composite panels that need to be trimmed, or for part-to-tool applications, such as grinding or linishing. 

The presentation will provide examples of applications where robots are being used successfully, including sculpting stone and wood, machining of foam and resin models, and trimming, deburring, linishing and grinding of a range of materials. 

Tim McLean 

Tim McLean heads TXM, one of Australia’s leading Lean Manufacturing consulting companies. TXM has worked with over 100 manufacturers in Australia ranging from small operations with fewer than 10 people to some of the largest corporations in the world. Tim has also helped clients establish supply chains from China, and set up a lean consulting business to work with Chinese manufacturers. 

Tim’s presentation ‘Taking on the Chinese: How to compete and thrive in Manufacturing in the 21st Century’ will focus on the growth of China into the world’s manufacturing powerhouse and second largest economy, and the impact of Chinese competition on almost every segment of manufacturing. 

While many manufacturers who have failed to adapt have faced loss of margins, market share and in many cases business failure, others have adapted and identified effective ways to compete and thrive despite the challenge of low cost manufacturing. Having worked with both Chinese and Australian manufacturers to improve their supply chains and operations, Tim McLean has a unique insight into this competitive challenge. Tim will share practical ideas and case studies showing how businesses can thrive and grow through innovative Lean Thinking in this tough environment.

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