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Yamatake releases azbil, the new group symbol and philosophy

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Human-centered automation means to understand what makes people happy and fulfilled and to provide technologies, products and services that contribute to that fulfilment.

Yamatake serves both society and customers by providing solutions to saving energy and resources using sophisticated measurement and control technologies with products like MagneW Two Wire PLUS, an innovative two-wire flow meter on the market that delivers four-wire functionality with two-wire simplicity.

Some of the products marketed by AMS Instrumentation & Calibration under the azbil brand will include the MagneW 300 Plus Flowmeter, and the MagneW 300 PLUS HENRI Flow Meter, for the pulp and paper industry, where magnetic flowmeters were erratic and unreliable in measuring the flow of high consistency pulp stock. The MagneW 300 PLUS HENRI is environmentally friendly, and is noise-resistant that combines the zero stability of pulsed DC with the noise immunity of AC driven magmeters.

AMS begins with the azbil philosophy of problem solving at the customer's site to create value for the customer. For example, the new technologies developed for the MagneW 300 PLUS HENRI for the pulp and paper industry also provide applications to other high solids slurries, where the old, traditional magmeters just do not perform.

Yamatake is creating a corporate culture for innovation that meets and exceeds the expectations of AMS’ customers, and products that preserve the natural resources, the planet, and the people sharing this planet one at a time each and every day.

Explore the AMS website and follow the links to Yamatake and search the site by Product Name or by Model Number or browse the site to find the right category and locate the products you need.

AMS and Yamatake are dedicated to providing industry solutions for Biochemistry, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, municipal utilities, metal and steel, food and beverage, and pulp and paper industries. The new Yamatake website really is designed to anticipate the needs and ease the selection process to ensure that one gets the flow meters, magmeters, temperature transmitters, and pressure transmitters that meet the needs.

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