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Yamatake Thermoplus Temperature Transmitters from AMS Instrumentation and Calibration

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AMS Instrumentation and Calibration introduces the Yamatake Thermoplus Temperature Transmitters range of field instruments that converts inputs from thermocouples, mVs and resistance thermo-bulbs into analogue (4 to 20mA) and digital signals and then transmits them to receivers.

These Advanced Temperature Transmitters can remotely set various parameters and self-diagnosis can be performed through the Smart Field Communicator (SFC). It can also execute two-way communications between the SFC or HART 375 communicator, and via DE protocol, with the TDCS3000 or 3000X and a database.

This helps the Advanced Temperature Transmitter’s facilitating, self-diagnosis, range setting and automatic zero adjustment, which makes them easier to maintain. Settings, adjustments and self-diagnosis can be easily done with SFC or HART communicator.

Features of the Yamatake Thermoplus Temperature Transmitters:

  • ThermoPLUS handles all thermal sensors, and any temperature range can be set as required within the one transmitter, thus giving the optimum range for a given process. The transmitters are available with a range of flexible sensor types, thus reducing engineering work costs.
  • The models ATT60/70's two-wire system requires no compensation wires or field cables.
  • Self-diagnostics function
  • Abnormal ambient temperature : Can monitor outside the range of -40 to 85deg C
  • Abnormal input indication: When temperature sensor output fails.
  • Thermocouple disconnection indication: Thermocouple is disconnected.
  • Even if out of range, the necessary data can be read afterward from the holding function of the maximum and minimum PV values.
  • Convenient integral digital indicators available as an option (0 to 100% even scale), allowing simultaneous field display indication and signal transmission.
  • ThermoPLUS has acquired the various Explosion protection approvals, including TIIS and FM.
The Yamatake Thermoplus Temperature Transmitters are available in 5 models, Advanced Temperature Transmitters Model ATT60/70, Advanced Temperature Transmitters with FOUNDATION™ Model ATT60, Smart Temperature Transmitters (Integral Sensor Type) Model ATT61/71, Temperature Sensor Model ATT90 and Metallic Protecting Well for Temperature Sensor Model ATT9X from AMS Instruments and Calibration

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