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Software for Fibre Optics Manufacturers introduced by AMS Instrumentation and Calibration

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AMS Instrumentation and Calibration  has introduced the Preform Inspection System from Ircon by combining advanced thermal imaging technology with application-specific software. The Ircon Preform Inspection System is the first thermal imaging system designed specifically for the manufacturers of fibre optics filaments.

The Ircon Preform Inspection System is used during the initial stages of fibre optics manufacturing where a hollow glass preform is heated on a rotating lathe. Chemical deposition occurs on the inside of the hollow preform until the hollow glass rod becomes solid. In this application, controlling the temperature as well as the diameter of the preform are both extremely critical. Ircon solves both temperature and diameter measurement problems with this system. This system consists of the Stinger Thermal Imaging Camera, the Ircon Preform Software and optional Analogue Outputs.

Preform Software Features and Benefits:

  • Temperature and diameter measurements - Ircon's Preform software provides two measurements in one system. Now there is no need to have both a pyrometer and a non-contact dimensional device such as a laser micrometer. You have fewer instruments mounted on the lathe carriage. Operators only need to become familiar with one monitoring system.
  • 10 Areas Of Interest (AOI) can be drawn in any place on the image. Minimum, maximum and average temperature data can be collected from each AOI. AOI's can be drawn freehand or in conventional shapes to conform to the target the camera is aimed at.
  • Record and Playback: Ircon Preform Software uses simple VCR-style controls to let you view captured image files. Easy to use play, rewind and fast forward controls let you view the image repeatedly. You can slow down the image to view the exact time and temperature if distortion begins to occur while the preform is being heated on the lathe. Individual batches can be compared side-by-side.
  • Analogue Temperature Outputs - With the optional analogue output card, preform temperature and dimensional information can be sent via 4-20 mA signal to third party control systems such as PLCs. The Preform software does not replace your existing control system, it integrates with it!

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