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Small Line Process Flow Meter Delivers Big Advantages in Demanding Applications

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AMS Instrumentation and Calibration  offers the ST98L in-line mass flow meter from Fluid Components International (FCI).  

The in-line mass flow meter is a reliable flow measurement solution for virtually any air or gas mixture in small process line sizes from 25mm to 50mm where superior accuracy is necessary in demanding industrial environments.  

With the ST98L in-line mass flow meter, FCI combines precision thermal dispersion mass flow sensing and advanced electronics with exacting fluid calibration and a choice of rugged, industrial enclosures.  

The result is superior air/gas measurement at an economical instrument lifecycle cost, which is highly repeatable over a long service life with virtually no maintenance.  

Inline mass flow meters are suitable for use in biogas recovery, food/ chemical /pharmaceutical process lines, boilers and burners.  

The ST98L in-line process flow meter comes in two different flow element styles that are application-specific.  

The –F style element is ideal for applications in dry, clean air/gases with fluid temperatures up to 177ºC.  

The –F design incorporates FCI’s unique equal mass sensor in smaller diameter thermowells for faster response time and improved repeatability in processes with dynamic temperature swings.  

The –S style flow element is suitable for demanding applications involving dirty or erosive fluids, high moisture content gas or a pulsating flow.  

The –S element features more robust, thicker wall thermowells and an unshrouded equal mass sensor element that provides a noise-filtered response, extended erosion resistance and easier cleaning.  

The –S sensor element provides excellent accuracy in wastewater treatment digesters or landfill gas recovery with wet compressed air or gas containing erosive particulates.  

With its highly reliable thermal mass sensing element, the advanced ST98L in-line mass flow meter from FCI delivers precision gas flow rate, totalised flow and temperature measurement.  

The ST98L’s thermal mass sensing element is comprised of two all-welded 316L stainless steel thermowells that protect two matched platinum precision resistance temperature detectors (RTDs).  

With a highly reliable no-moving parts design, one RTD is heated relative to the reference RTD, and the temperature difference between the two is proportional to the gas mass flow rate.  

The ST98L’s transmitter features robust, microprocessor-based electronics. The transmitter can be specified as integral with the sensor or remote mounted up to 350m away.  

Enclosures are available in multiple configurations with ratings for hazardous environments.

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