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article image Electronic temperature recorders monitor the tunnel pasteurisation process
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Available from AMS Instrumentation and Calibration , the RPU-353 is a special purpose electronic temperature recorder that has been designed to monitor the tunnel pasteurisation process.

The electronic temperature recorder features inputs for two temperature probes for monitoring spray water and product temperature together with package internal pressure.

The temperature recording instrument passes through the pasteuriser with the product and after the run the PU value achieved, along with other important results, is automatically calculated. Standard results calculated are:

  • Total PUs achieved
  • Time accumulating Pus
  • Time in holding zone
  • Maximum values of all channels etc
All sensor readings are shown continuously to enable the unit to be used as a thermometer or pressure meter.

Redpost's latest series of temperature monitors avoids product spoilage by calculating the temperature of the product when it leaves the pasteuriser, this exit temperature is shown with the other results.

Results are displayed on the instrument allowing immediate confirmation of correct pasteurisation, the display can show graphs and lists of recorded data, data can be displayed in a choice of units. The conditions during several runs can be recorded and examined before the data is printed or transferred, allowing end-to-end working without returning to the laboratory.
Pressure is shown on all graphs and lists allowing identification of spikes in pressure that may cause package damage and therefore product wastage.

The RPU-353 electronic temperature recorders are compatible with Redpost's popular RPC-80 and RPC-50 printer/chargers. With these instruments reports can be printed or the data can be transferred to a computer for further analysis and storage.

The controls are simple and the display shows operating prompts and results in a choice of languages and engineering units. Many functions of the temperature recorders can be configured to suit particular requirements with all settings being protected to avoid operators making accidental changes to the configured settings.

A service reminder notifies the operator when a service should be considered and calibration details can be held in the instrument to aid record keeping for ISO 9000.

Redpost PU recorders are offered with a range of temperature probes for both bottles and cans, spray water temperature probes, mounting frames, and test plugs for on-site checking of calibration. Instruments and probes are calibrated at time of manufacture against standards traceable to U.K National Standards.

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