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Michell’s high precision chilled mirror hygrometers improve emissions testing quality

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Michell’s high precision range of cooled mirror hygrometers is designed to meet relative humidity measurement requirements of any environmental regulatory authority.
Emission testing is an important environmental requirement in the design and production of internal combustion engines. Engine emissions are assessed during engine design under indoor conditions and over defined timescales, requiring the use of climate-controlled emission testing systems such as emission test chambers and cells.

The outcome of an emissions test depends on the stability of ambient conditions such as temperature, pressure and relative humidity, which need to be measured to comply with defined test standards such as the EPA.

Michell’s cooled mirror hygrometers offer high precision in meeting the requirements for relative humidity measurement from any of the leading environmental control authorities. Offering accuracies of 0.1ºC dp, the new chilled mirror hygrometer S8000 Remote combines flexibility with superior accuracy to exceed the requirements of current emissions control legislations.

The instrument can be utilised as a reference for other RH sensors used to control the relative humidity of the engine test cell or as a primary measurement and control device in the emission testing system.

The cooled mirror hygrometers are backed by Michell’s 40 years of experience in cooled mirror technology. Every instrument is delivered fully calibrated, traceable to National Standards including direct traceability to NPL (London, UK), NATA and NIST (Washington DC, USA) through their UKAS accredited Humidity Calibration Laboratory.

Michell’s cooled mirror hygrometers satisfy highly stringent quality system requirements, enabling ultimate confidence in the measurement results.Michell’s cooled mirror hygrometers are available in Australia from AMS Instrumentation and Calibration .

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