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Michell Instruments’ intrinsically safe dew-point transmitters offer enhanced performance and easier installation

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AMS Instrumentation and Calibration  presents the newly upgraded Easidew I.S. intrinsically safe dew-point transmitters from Michell Instruments.
Featuring enhanced performance with additional process connections and extended hazardous area certification, the upgraded transmitter offers three process connection options: ¾” UNF, ⅝” UNF and G½” BSP.
The ¾” UNF is the industry standard process connection in the US, making the Easidew I.S. easy to retrofit in the US and US-influenced markets such as the Middle East and South America. The G½” BSP connection, which is the standard connection across Europe benefits European customers. Two new sample blocks for the ¾” UNF and G½” BSP threads are also available.
Easidew I.S. dew-point transmitters find application in monitoring moisture in H2 generation, controlling moisture levels in pipeline transmission and moisture measurement in hazardous areas within the power generation industry. The wide measurement range enables a single sensor to be kept in stock to cover all customer ranges, which is ideal for OEMs.
With certification from IECEx in addition to ATEX, FM and CSA, the Easidew I.S. is suitable for use around the world in zones 0, 1 and 2. While FM and CSA certifications cover the US and Canadian markets, ATEX and IECEx have global recognition, including the UK and EEC.
Key benefits of Easidew I.S. dew-point transmitters: 

  • Wide measurement range of -100°C to +20°C dew point with ±2°C accuracy
  • Incorporates Michell’s advanced ceramic moisture sensor
  • Sensor is coupled with microprocessor-based measurement circuits to produce a fully interchangeable calibrated unit
  • Calibration data stored within the transmitter enables calibration service to be carried out quickly and easily by replacing the transmitter
  • Rugged enough to withstand tough industrial conditions
  • IP66 (NEMA4) environmental protection
  • Operates safely in pressures up to 450 barg
Michell’s sensor exchange program enables customers to place an order for a guaranteed, reconditioned sensor, which can be exchanged with the installed sensor, resulting in zero process downtime.

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