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Michell Instruments’ compact sample systems for speedy spot-checks of moisture

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article image Compact sample systems for Michell’s portable hygrometers
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Michell Instruments has used its expertise in industrial hygrometry to produce a range of compact and light sample systems that ensure the best results from their portable hygrometers, MDM300 and MDM300 I.S.
Lack of sample conditioning may cause the results of moisture measurements to be affected by pressure, while sensors are at risk of damage by particles, liquids or glycol in the sample gas. Michell’s sample options ensure that making spot-checks of moisture with a portable hygrometer will give readings as reliable as online measurements.
Michell offers several options in their sampling systems. According to the MDM300 product manager, Auberon Tatum, the most popular and flexible of these is the MDM300 sample panel, a fully-functioning sample system that is also light and easily portable, and provides both flow control and filtration. This sample panel is capable of measuring moisture in gases under pressure (up to 300 barg) and will operate in temperatures up to +50°C.
The one-time set-up involves mounting the MDM300 onto the panel and connecting to the inlet and outlet. The complete system can be transported between sample points, with further protection provided by a robust case to transport over longer distances, even within hazardous areas.
Additional sampling options and accessories for the MDM300 range are available including kits with sample pump, SF6 application kits and a medical gas kit for clean air in hospitals.
Michell’s Easi-fit and Compressed Air Kits are suitable for applications where the sample is above atmospheric pressure. The Compressed Air Kit includes a particulate filter and fittings for simple connection into a compressed air system.
Michell Instruments products are available from AMS Instrumentation and Calibration .

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