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In-situ calibration verification systems available from AMS Instrumentation and Calibration

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Available from AMS Instrumentation and Calibration , in-situ calibration verification systems for model GF90 and GF03 Gas Flow Meters are time and cost efficient, meets ISO and local regulations and cleans the sensor element.

FCI’s GF90 and GF03 gas flow meter models can be optionally provided with a unique in-situ calibration verification system. The VeriCal option provides periodic field validation and verification of the flow meter’s measuring performance and calibration, all without extracting the flow meter from the pipe or process. In gas flow processes with procedures or regulations requiring periodic calibration verifications, the GF90 or GF03, outfitted with the VeriCal option, provide a convenient and low cost solution. A secondary benefit of the VeriCal system is that sensor elements are cleaned by the nitrogen gas, which helps ensure performance and reduce routine maintenance.

In-situ calibration verification systems feature a specially modified and fitted GF flow element. This special flow element includes a welded and sealed inlet valve, internal tubing, and an exit port near the flow sensors, plus additional calibration steps and documentation. After the GF90 or GF03 system has been precision calibrated in FCI’s NIST traceable flow laboratory, the lab also flows nitrogen to obtain five (5) base line measurement points across the flow range to which all field checks using the VeriCal system can be compared.

With each VeriCal outfitted GF90 or GF03 element, FCI provides a printed document showing the five base line flow readings for use by your field technicians.

A VeriCal kit with fixtures and fittings to meter and control a precise flow of nitrogen (Other gases may be used) across the GF flow element. The VeriCal kit provides a specially designed 100 psig [6.9 bar (g)] pressure regulator, a high accuracy pressure transducer with a 4-20mA output, a sonic nozzle, and pressure gauge packaged in a NEMA 4 (IP66) rated enclosure. The kit is fully portable, or can be permanently mounted.

The VeriCal kit also includes a 25 foot [7,6 m] air hose with quick disconnect fittings to connect the kit to the GF flow element, and a 25 foot [7,6 m] 2-conductor cable to connect the kit’s electronic output to the GF transmitter’s auxiliary input terminals.

VeriCal Specifications

  • Pressure Range: 0 to 6.9 bar (g)
  • Process Temperature Range: Procedure is conducted at ambient temperature
  • Agency Approvals: FM, CSA, ATEX pending for VeriCal system. Contact FCI for availability
  • GF Flow Element made from 316L stainless steel
  • GF Flow Element process connection - retractable packing gland
  • GF Flow Element process Temperature - 177°C maximum

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