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A common issue in large factories is that staff clock in and out at different times, depending on which clock they can see. If all the clocks in the factory are not synchronised, there are likely to be arguments about arrival and departure times.

AMS Instrumentation & Calibration  has developed a simple system which synchronises all clocks to the rugby time reference, and allows clocks to be located in rooms where no reliable signal can be received. S174X and S176X factory clock range is now available.

The system consists of a small TimeCode receiver, powered by the displays, which you can mount on the roof or on a wall.

This then sends an RS422 data signal to each clock in the factory, ensuring they are all perfectly synchronised to the correct time.

Display features:

  • Digits 2", 4", 6", 8", 11" or 16" high
  • HH:MM or HH:MM:SS format
  • Sealed IP54 or IP65
  • Power 95-265 VAC or 11-30V DC
  • Can be combined with temperature and humidity displays
  • Wall or suspension mounting

AMS Instrumentation & Calibration can even give relay outputs to sound a horn or bell to signal various timed events, such tea-breaks, lunch break, end of shift etc.

Examples of custom made large display using elapsed timers, counters, days since last accident, atomic clock and atomic calendar.

A large, busy airport in the UK wanted to be sure passengers would have no reason not to know the correct time.

They commissioned London Electronics to design and build these large, high visibility blue clocks, and to include atomic timing synchronisation. Passengers can easily see the time from up to 130 metres (400 feet) away.

Time and temperature displays

Outdoor time and temperature displays are ideal if you want to draw attention to your building.

They are particularly valuable inside factories, where the whole workforce can see the exact time (all clocks synchronised to precise time) and temperature with the option of adding humidity too.

These displays are sealed for good reliability in washdown areas, high humidity, dusty or cold environments, and come in a range of digit sizes to suit the viewing distance you need in your factory.

These displays are ideal in clean rooms, food preparation lines, steelworks, foundries etc.

Clocks can be economically synchronised to atomic time standards, or can run on precision free-running reference. These clocks overcome the problem of not being able to receive a time signal in some metal-clad buildings.

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