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FCI Model GF90 Flare Gas Flow Meters available from AMS Meet New US MMS Regulation

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article image Model GF90 Flare Gas Flow Meter Meets New US MMS Regulation for Offshore Rigs
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As per a new US Minerals Management Service (MMS) mandate, all domestic US offshore rigs processing more than an average of 2000 BOPD must install flare/ vent gas flow meters.  

Model GF90 flare gas flow meters from Fluid Components International (FCI) are in compliance with this mandate. These flare gas flow meters are available from AMS Instrumentation and Calibration .  

Dan McQueen, President, FCI says that they are ready to help FCI customers meet the new challenge of the US MMS flow meter installation mandate, given that accurate flare and vent gas flow measurement is important for compliance and the global environment.  

FCI has set up a special Toll Free MMS Regulation Hotline for existing customers and others affected by the mandate to answer flare flow meter questions. The hotline (available at 1-800-863-8704, Ext. 218) will be answered by the FCI Flow Meter Applications Group, which includes experts in flare and vent gas flow measurement.  

After reviewing the new MMS regulation, engineers at FCI have determined that the advanced GF90 flare gas flow meters comply with the new specifications and are well suited to provide a low-cost and effective solution for offshore flare and vent gas flow measurement.  

The GF90 is a proven flow measurement solution with hundreds of installations in offshore and land-based rig flares.  

An insertion-style flow meter that provides easy and low installation costs over other accepted flare flow metering technologies, its compact size allows its portability on offshore rigs.    

Key features of GF90 flare gas flow meters

  • Measures widely varying flare gas flows from very low flow leakage rates to upset event flows at very high flow rates
  • Delivers accurate flow measurement from as low as 0.25 SFPS to as high as 1600 SFPS
  • Achieves turndown up to 1000:1 by storing flow calibrations for up to three ranges and linking them
  • Available for service in a broad range of application conditions including temperature service from -73ºC to +454ºC and pressures up to 1000 psi
  • Transmitter features two independent, field programmable analogue signal outputs of 4-20 mA, which can be assigned to any combination of flow and/or temperature
  • Digital bus communications are available optionally
  • Dual alarm points with 2A relay outputs, which are user programmable to alarm at high, low or windowed

Model GF90 flare gas flow meters are optionally available with FCI’s patented VeriCal in-situ calibration verification system. The system includes a specially plumbed flow sensor, added benchmarking calibrations and portable flow/pressure regulator kit.  

Key functions include:

  • Allows user verification of the flow meter’s calibration on site and while still installed within the pipe
  • Saves thousands of dollars by avoiding unnecessary meter extraction and recalibration services
  • Meets regulating agency’s preferred in-situ methodology

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