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AMMX to convert billing statements into a profitable income stream

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Every month, Australians receive literally millions of credit card statements, bank statements and other essential mail, all of which must be opened, read and kept in a safe place for future reference.

The issuers of this mail are required to send out these statements to all their customers and therefore the requisite printing, collating and posting becomes a fixed cost to them. 

Australian Marketing Media Exchange (AMMX) has developed a method to facilitate advertising inserts in essential mail, giving the mail issuers a way to turn the cost of sending out billing statements into a profitable income stream.

Australian Marketing Media Exchange (AMMX) discovered that over 96% of all standard letters weigh less than 60g. This meant that mail issuers have at least 65g of surplus weight capacity for which they are paying, but not using.

Australian Marketing Media Exchange (AMMX) came up with the idea of using this excess weight for advertisement.

Australian Marketing Media Exchange (AMMX) works to team up companies who are eager to advertise their products via direct mail with mail issuers who would like to offer their customers something more than just a statement in the post. This is done by matching the product and offer to the market who receives the essential mail.

For instance, when you next open your Citibank credit card statement, you may also receive an exclusive Quickflix offer that can easily be redeemed and enjoyed. The advertiser, Quickflix, gains huge exposure for their offer, Citibank profits from providing the means for the offer to be distributed and the consumer is also benefiting as they are exposed to new products and can often save money by redeeming the offer.

The same opportunity can equally apply to companies operating in the B2B space. For example, BHP Steel may send out thousands of invoices a month to its customers - a company such as MYOB may see this as a perfect opportunity to advertise its latest offering to these customers.

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