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Rare earth magnets play a vital role in today's society. They are used in industries as diverse as aerospace, biosurgical, data processing, automotive and electronics and instrumentation.

Commercially available since 1984, there are two types of rare earth magnets: neodymium (neo) and samarium cobalt. Their composition elements are found in the lanthanides or rare earth series of the periodic table of elements, hence the name rare earth.

AMF Magnets  worked with the Melbourne commonwealth games to solve the lighting on several bridges around Melbourne, which will be illuminated during the games. The bridges are the princess, pedestrian and queen street.

The technical team was headed by Phillip Lethlean from Melbourne. Their solution was to attach strips of LED lighting to double-sided adhesive pads on one side and neodymium (neo) discs on the other side. This allowed easy installation and removal from the bridges.

The recommended magnets were neos with a diameter 12mm x 5mm, placed every 100mm. This ensured no slippage of lighting strips.

AMF Magnets supplies wide range of permanent magnets in Australia (over 400 different sizes and grades of neodymium, samarium cobalt, alnico and ferrite magnets).

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