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Magnarod – Swarf cleaner from AMF Magnetics

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AMF Magnetics  is a leading supplier of all types of magnetic products and equipment. Recently, AMF Magnetics have increased their product range to include a range of magnetic tools and equipment for a wide range of applications. One of those products is the ever popular Magnarod swarf cleaner.

Magnarod swarf cleaners are multi-purpose magnetic cleaners which are hand held and make cleaning around work benches easy. The job of collecting nails or screws from floors is no longer a hassle when the Magnarod magnetic swarf cleaners are used. Simply wave the unit over the metal items and Magnarods swarf cleaners’ high-strength Neodymium magnets attract them onto the unit. And clearing the particles is just as easy. Pulling the handle releases the magnets and therefore the metal particles over a bin or other area.

Magnarod magnetic swarf cleaner is available in 1 size, that is 500mm long and 25mm diameter.

Suitable applications for the Magnarod magnetic cleaner include work benches at sheetmetal or engineering workshops, removal of tie wire from steel reinforcement prior to concrete being poured, general clean-ups or the home handyman.

A situation in which Magnarod proved useful was in an engineering workshop with several lathes and drilling presses that obviously generated a large amount of swarf or other metal pieces. The previous method of cleaning involved the apprentice using a dustpan to clean the areas. Magnarod swarf cleaners became the apprentice’s favourite tool as it quickly and effortlessly made the arduous task of cleaning up so much easier.

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