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AMF Magnetics carries the largest range of magnets in Australia (over 400 different sizes and grades), servicing customers in the aerospace, manufacturing, mining, automotive, engineering, electronics, craft, therapeutic and printing industries, both domestically and internationally. AMF Magnetics also supply magnetic lifters, wands, clamps, separator bars and sweepers.


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22/05/12 - AMF Magnetics in association with their engineering partner, Magfield Manufacturing offers a full service solution for complete magnetic separation requirements.
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29/03/12 - Forklift magnetic sweepers from AMF Magnetics are ideal for cleaning up large areas of nails, screws and metal debris that can cause costly tyre repairs or pose a safety risk to employees and customer
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11/01/12 - Magnarod from AMF Magnetics is a range of handheld magnetic cleaning rods designed for efficient clearing of swarf and small metal objects.
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30/11/11 - The SupaDupa StudFinder from AMF Magnetics is manufactured using Neodymium, a rare earth magnet capable of holding up to 25kg.
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