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Height adjustable modular desk

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article image AME crescent-shaped desk.

ELECTRIC height-adjustable workstation specialist AME System has designed a series of new modular control room desks for a 24/7 operating environment.

Powered by electric actuators and using framework made from aluminium profiles, the construction is sturdy and lightweight.

Prolonged sitting at a desk compresses the lumbar discs leading to chronic injuries. Human bodies are simply not designed to be sitting statically for long periods while working.

Physiotherapists and ergonomists say the ideal office environment is to alternate between sitting and standing at a desk or workstation - impractical until now.

Standing reduces pressure on the discs and joints and oxygenates (increases) the blood flow.

The modular control room desk can accommodate up to 12 flat screen monitors all individually adjustable, four PCs, and up to 16 power and 16 data outlets.

The crescent shape allows users to be closer to the 'epi-centre' of work while having their arms and wrists supported at the same time. There are no hard edges and monitor arms adjust to a person's eye line to prevent neck strain.

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