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An AME System special report on control room ergonomic hazards

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AME System  report on control room console ergonomic hazards. 

Why just sitting at the control room console is unhealthy and unproductive. 

An operator's blood supply requires oxygenation to maintain alertness. Sitting inhibits oxygenation, dulls concentration and reduces productivity and most operators sit for too long at their console resulting in escalation of "sick days" and increase in work claims. The solution is a console that enables an operator to stand and sit, i.e. to be active or move while working.

  • Movement at the console refreshes and improves concentration and provides an energizing oxygenation effect. 
  • Operators feel more alert; productivity increases and there are less sick days when workers have the flexibility to alternate between sitting and standing and enhance oxygenation. The simple act of standing at a console burns three times more calories than sitting.
  • Standing at a console also removes pressure on the lower lumbar (back) and related joints reducing back problems. (Pressure is compounded when sitting for too long at the console). 
All AME System activConsoles feature an ergonomic design and have the ability to silently and electrically adjust in height for sitting and standing at the push of a button. Operators feel better and work better, for them and for the organisation.

The value of optimum viewing angles in defeating "fixed‐gaze" syndrome

Most console monitors are at a static height, meaning the viewing angle becomes fixed at that height. This sets up unhealthy patterns in the neck muscles and vertebrae and tension can build, resulting in cumulative neck, shoulder and arm discomfort. Efficiency and productivity is diminishes.

Most operators are unaware these unhealthy patterns are occurring and they become accustomed to poor posture and rigid viewing angles.

To alleviate the problem, activConsole adjustable desks have individual height adjustment, and the "ultimate" series activConsole with its dual level configuration redefines ergonomic standards in the control room environment, giving the user complete command of their work at the touch of a button.

AME System will be displaying at the Security 2009 Exhibition (Stand F35) taking place 24 to 26 August at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre

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