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Flash memory device with advanced security

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AMD has announced the availability of samples of the industry’s fastest Flash memory device designed to operate in demanding, high-temperature automotive environments.

The Am29BDD160, a 16Mb device, is designed to meet customers’ stringent demands for performance and reliability and is ideal for applications in advanced automotive systems, including power-train management, high-end engine control modules, and anti-lock brake systems.

The Am29BDD160 device allows designers and auto manufacturers to create safer, more fuel-efficient cars for their customers by enabling higher-performance electronic control of the automobile’s operating functions.

This device also delivers up to 33 per cent faster access and up to 65 per cent more data throughput than competing devices. Plus, it is the industry’s only 66MHz device that can function over a temperature range of -40°C to+ 145°C.

To further enhance performance and enable automotive “black box” data recovery functionality, the device also features AMD’s Simultaneous Read/Write architecture, which allows the system to read and program data at the same time without any latency.

The new Flash memory device features AMD’s Advanced Sector Protection Architecture, which helps protect customers’ valuable engine code and data against hackers who could seriously compromise the safety and performance of an automobile.

This new architecture, with its enhanced set of security features, includes the option of using a 64-bit password tod efend any or all engine-control codes and data against unauthorised modification.

As a result, designers using the Am29BDD160 device can provide code and data access to authorised mechanics while simultaneously locking out would-be hackers and tuners.

AMD’s Am29BDD160 device is the first in a new family of AMD Flash memory designed to meet the requirements of advanced automotive applications.

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