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Current anodes manufactured by AMAC Corrosion

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AMAC Corrosion , specialists in the design and manufacture of corrosion protection materials, provides impressed current anodes. These current anodes provided by AMAC Corrosion are available in graphite, lead, silver, mixed metal oxide, titanium as well as silicon iron. Graphite current anodes are supplied with centre end connections in conjunction with customer specified cable connections. These graphite anodes ideally suit high resistivity environments. These can also be used either for land or marine applications and provide increased output when packaged in carbonaceous backfill.

Lead or silver current anodes are manufactured by AMAC Corrosion using encapsulation process that includes use of epoxy resin. The use of epoxy resin ensures resistance to moisture. Lead Silver anodes provided by AMAC Corrosion have been specifically designed for usage in salt water environments.

AMAC Corrosion offers mixed metal oxide coating to titanium anodes. This coating can also be applied onto chlorine as well as oxygen evolving electrolytes and suited for use in fresh water, soils and carbonaceous backfill.

Titanium current anodes designed by AMAC Corrosion are available in different types including ribbon, rod, tube as well as wire and mesh. Titanium ribbon anodes have been manufactured from titanium substrate and coated using either platinum or mixed metal oxide coating. These ribbon anodes are suited for operation in fine sand and concrete.

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