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Cables and Cable Systems from ALLTRACK PTY LTD

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ALLTRACK PTY LTD  offers a rolling stock of various types of cables and cable systems sourced from the LEONI Group for the Australian market.

Leoni Studer halogen-free cables are available in a wide range to meet multiple application requirements of heavy duty rail applications.

Manufactured to international quality standards, Alltrack can supply customers with application-specific special cables, ready-to-connect assembled cables, sub-systems as well as complete system solutions for rail vehicles.

The cables can operate in a wide temperature range from -60ºC to +150ºC. The cables will function reliably for hours in the event of a fire.

Leoni Studer cables are especially designed for operations involving constant movement. The standard and special cables in the range offer a high degree of resistance to thermal and mechanical strain while providing an above-average useful life.

Key properties of the cables: 

  • Halogen-free cables with resistance to temperatures up to 150ºC
  • Resists constant low temperatures down to -60ºC
  • Displays excellent fire-resistance
  • Weight and cross-section optimised cables without restricting functionality
  • Can withstand extreme and constant mechanical strains

Cable applications: 

  • Hybrid cable designs for special applications
  • UIC train cables and train bus cables
  • WTB (Wire Train Bus) cables
  • MVB (Multifunction Vehicle Bus) cables
  • PIS (Passenger Information System) cable systems
  • Seat cabling
  • Video and radar cables
  • Coiled radio cables
  • Cables for cab instrument panels
  • Coupling coil cables
  • Fibre optic cables
  • Railcar jumper cables
  • Railcar jumper systems
  • High voltage jumpers
  • Control and supply cables

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