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Industrial safety reels and accessories from AK Reels

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AK Reels  provides general reel accessories and two types of industrial safety reels namely RC1600 breathing and RC 3000 barrier. The RC1600 breathing hose from AK Reels is one of the easy ways to deliver breathing air. It is also known as auto rewinding hose reel will deliver air to toxic areas and work places where an external supply is required.

These industrial safety reels from AK Reels are easy to store and it is safety to install. It also reduces the damages to hoses and tools. The industrial safety reels from AK Reels is ideal for industrial and commercial situations where a safety barrier is required to keep people from entering an unsafe or restricted area.

The industrial safety reels can also be mounted on wall. The barrier webbing in the RC 3000 barrier can be pulled across and placed onto a hook or bracket on the opposite wall or pillar, then easily and quickly retracted when access is required by trucks or forklifts.

The RC 3000 barrier from AK Reels is available in two case colours such as yellow and black. The tape length of RC 3000 barrier available is 50 feet. The entire unit is constructed using materials like polypropylene coploymer, brass, spring steel, acetal and nylon.

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