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Q&A for Epicor Express

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What is the Epicor Manufacturing Express Edition?
The Epicor express is a complete ERP solution ideal for small and medium sized businesses, utilising the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.

What is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)?
Also known as on-demand , the SaaS is a delivery model of software and related services where "an application provider hosts and manages a software solution, licenses it on a subscription basis and users access it via the Internet".

What is Cloud Computing?
Cloud is a new term for computing infrastructure, capacity and applications available from the Internet. All SaaS providers essentially offer applications in the cloud, hence the term “cloud computing”.

Is the Epicor Express a new product?
No, the Epicor Express is latest edition of the Epicor 9, based on the same code line as previous editions.

Why provide Epicor Express in the SaaS model?
The Software-as-a-service (SaaS) has recently become a compelling and credible delivery model for business applications. It eliminates hindering barriers companies may have when implementing or upgrading their current software. The SaaS model enables businesses to focus on core business operations instead of managing the IT side of things, designed to help customers reduce complexities and reduce on-going set up costs.

Can Epicor Express applications be modified?
The agile business architecture allows customization and personalization in various ways:

  • Modifying current standards or creating custom reports
  • Ability to design business and performance management dashboards
  • Automation of simple processes by creating rules that associate conditions and actions (e.g. alerts, tasks)
  • Users can customize interfaces by moving or hiding fields, changing labels or adding new fields
  • Makes it possible to design and deploy business process management (BPM) directive 
  • Allows design and deployment of  business activity queries (BAQ) 

Customizations are tailored to clients specifications, so changes made by one customer wont affect other customers within the shared data center.

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