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Epicor iScala business solution implemented at Energizer Thailand

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The Epicor iScala business solution was implemented at Energizer Thailand Ltd. to replace a complicated legacy system with a more flexible, extensible and scalable system.  

Energizer Thailand, the Thai subsidiary of Energizer Holdings was established in 1996 to distribute a broad category of household and personal care products. Requiring many technical experts to support it, the existing legacy system could not meet the challenges of the constantly changing business and regulatory environment in Thailand.  

The task to develop new reports for instance, required extensive customisation to create the new fields within the warehouse system. The process to add new data to the warehouse management system was complicated and extensive that required many man hours to complete.  

The greatest challenge was the lack of automation and integration throughout the system that prevented consolidated reports from being generated as data could not be integrated across business processes, requiring manual data entry.  

In addition to a flexible and scalable system, mainly for reporting purpose, the office also needed a system that offered the shortest payback and at low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).  

The parent company, Energizer Holdings paved the way for the switch to Epicor iScala in its effort to align all its global businesses.  

Energizer Thailand implemented Epicor iScala, which includes financials, sales, assets, manufacturing, warehouse, logistics and customer relationship management modules, and integrated the solution with third party applications across its offices, warehouses and production plants globally.  

Built on the collaborative business Microsoft.NET and web services-based framework, Epicor iScala is an integrated business solution, which empowers its users to achieve operational excellence at lower costs. A total of 12 user licences are being utilised at Energizer Thailand.  

The solution has provided Energizer Thailand with the tools needed to plan and execute the company’s business processes with decreased transaction costs and a wealth of management information.  

The integrated ledger infrastructure enabled by Epicor iScala successfully captures, monitors and reconciles the company’s multi-dimensional financial transactions, enabling Energizer Thailand to fulfil its global reporting needs anytime and anywhere.  

Energizer Thailand is able to deliver their products to market faster, and save costs on the whole. Epicor iScala has consolidated and automated the company’s Stock Control, Bill of Materials and Purchasing needs as well as its Sales Orders to ensure that products are manufactured and stored Just-in-Time (JIT) to avoid wastage and keep the safety stock level at minimum.  

Epicor iScala also provides Energizer Thailand with real-time and easy to understand information that can be easily extracted, stored, and analysed for its users to help them work more efficiently and make better decisions.  

Business analytics reporting is helping the management team analyse market information in real-time as well as manage all accounting transactions and financial updates, facilitating worldwide consolidation and integration.  

The Epicor iScala deployment has delivered several benefits to Energizer Thailand including reduced overall operational costs, improved turnaround times and access to current supply and demand information that helps the company make better business decisions with a high level of confidence.  

Energizer Thailand sees a positive return on investment (ROI) with the company reducing its operating procedures, and increasing speed in information sourcing by more than 15%.  

Key business benefits for Energizer Thailand from the Epicor iScala implementation:  

  • Helps achieve overall operational excellence by reducing cost while improving usability and process efficiencies
  • Faster and more efficient sales cycles through improved distribution capabilities, quick purchase planning and reporting
  • Ensures all production processes can be managed in-house as well as externally
  • Real-time visibility of inventory status
  • Automated invoicing and reporting improves productivity, efficiency and effectiveness
  • User-friendly interface allows users to import and export data between Epicor iScala and Microsoft Office applications seamlessly
  • Overall effective and efficient management of resources
  • Handles different pricing structures and complex discounts rules
  • Availability of audit trail for all transactions
  • Improvement in output by 15%
Epicor Solution implemented  
  • iScala Enterprise Server
  • Epicor iScala 2.2
  • Financials
  • Asset Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Material Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Supply Chain Tools
  • Requisition Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Value Pack
  • iScala Project Integration to Microsoft Project
  • iScala Enterprise Performance Management and BI
  • Epicor Service Connect Platform and integrated solutions
  • Epicor Portal and content packs
Epicor, a leading provider of enterprise business software solutions is also represented in Australia by AJS Computing Services .

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