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Epicor ERP software for Chemical and Pharmaceutical installed for Laboratorios Kimiceg

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Epicor ERP software for Chemical and Pharmaceutical was installed for Laboratorios Kimiceg to allow the company to integrate all organisational processes for more efficiency while supporting its growth plans.  

Established in 1986, Laboratorios Kimiceg manufactures and sells high quality generic products in the Venezuelan market.  

Kimiceg initiated the implementation of the Epicor for Chemical and Pharmaceutical solution in February 2006, with the system up and running in only 2½ months.  

Featuring a specific functionality for the pharmaceutical industry, Epicor for Chemical and Pharmaceutical offered Kimiceg advantages including a robust solution, adaptability to the company’s business model and ease of integration with other business tools.  

Epicor for Chemical and Pharmaceutical is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning suite that provides specific functionality to meet the complex needs of the pharmaceutical, chemistry, food and beverages as well as cosmetic industries.  

Functionalities in the Epicor suite include finance, supply chain, manufacturing and customer service, enabling companies to gain better cost management, increase profits and manage their operations.  

According to Ricardo Blanco, IT Manager for Kimiceg, prior to the Epicor implementation, there was no process integration with the company using a homemade system to perform all processes, which created more work and set significant limitations for their growth.  

Since the Epicor implementation, Kimiceg has integrated all its business processes from sales projection, purchase and production planning to order capture, invoicing and collection, allowing them to be more efficient in their procurement plans as well as production and financial processes.  

Emphasising the completeness of the standard functionality provided for the pharmaceutical industry, Ricardo Blanco comments that the Epicor solution eliminated the need to perform several customisations to adapt the solution to Kimiceg requirements.  

Highlights of the Epicor ERP software implementation:  

  • Handles the planning of production and purchases including master production scheduling (MPS) and materials requirements planning (MRP)
  • Allows the company to foresee future demand, and recommend purchasing needs and production orders to be placed
  • System indicates the supplies and materials needed to fulfil the production plan, which in turn depends on the projection of sales
  • SOA and Microsoft .NET platform enables seamless integration with a mobile web-based order capture system
Kimiceg is currently evaluating the integration of Business Intelligence (BI) tools offered by Epicor.

Key business benefits from ERP software for Kimiceg:  

  • Integration of all business processes including strategic production planning, purchases planning, procurement, sales, order management, inventory control, shipping, invoicing and collection
  • Improved efficiency of procurement plans, production and financial processes
  • Reduces purchase order process from 15 days to 3 days
  • Orders managed in real time
  • Seamless integration with a mobile sales system and a web-based order capture system
Epicor, a leading provider of enterprise business software solutions is also represented in Australia by AJS Computing Services .

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