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Australian EWT-AJM Environmental Services group named international leader for the application of fine screening technology on sewage

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article image Brackett Green Band Screens technology for the fine screening of sewage

Australia has been declared the World Centre of Excellence for the application of an advanced fine screening technology that can substantially extend the lifespan and reduce maintenance of sewage treatment plants.

The global Eimco Water Technologies (EWT) group has made its Australian EWT-AJM Environmental Services group the international leader for the application of its Brackett Green CF100 and CF200 Band Screens technology on sewage.

EWT has established its Centre of Excellence in Australia due to the local operations expertise built up through the rapid uptake of the technology throughout Australasia.

Brackett Green Band Screens technology is being adopted internationally for municipal installations, to meet the expanding need to fine screen waste water in order to capture solids that either clog conventional screens or bypass them entirely.

“We in Australia have been extremely busy with the Brackett Green Band Screens, with many installations across Australia and New Zealand adopting this high performance technology for sewage inlet works and desalination intakes,” says (EWT-AJM Environmental Services) National Sales Manager, Industrial/Municipal, Mr John Koumoukelis.

“Australasian applications currently under way will feature mesh apertures down to 2mm, with the standard being 5mm for sewage treatment. This permits near-total capture of solid waste and protects plants that could otherwise be high maintenance, including pumps, impellers and mixers. A further benefit of the fine screening is prevention of needle stick injuries from sharp waste and an overall need for less hands-on maintenance,” said Mr Koumoukelis.

The declaration of Australia as World Centre of Excellence complements broader expansion of EWT-AJM Environmental Services, which now offers an even wider range of high performance physical, chemical and biological processes.

“Currently EWT-AJM Environmental Services is constructing turnkey wastewater treatment plants for the industrial market comprising EWT MBBR (Moving Bed BioReactor), EWT MBR (Membrane Bioreactor) and Reverse Osmosis for water re-use.

“This expanded capability allows EWT-AJM Environmental Services to offer complete wastewater treatment solutions to the industrial sector, from primary treatment with DAF technology, to biological through to advanced water treatment for re-use and energy recovery with advanced digestion,” says Mr Koumoukelis. 

Mr Koumoukelis says Brackett Green CF100 and CF200 Band Screen technology is in itself a real advance in screening systems that is a proven effective alternative to slotted screens.

“By using circular apertures and screening in two dimensions instead of one, they can virtually double screen efficiency and capture fine objects that otherwise may pass through an equivalent size slot.

“Additionally, the patented thick panels virtually eliminate hair pinning, meaning they can achieve near total capture of material that might otherwise pass through, under or around conventional screens,” he says.

Based on the Brackett Green Band Screen technology supplied for raw water applications and utilizing features developed for the Brackett Sewage Drum Screen, the band screens introduced are a reliable and efficient fine screen both as a retrofit and for new installations on raw sewage and treated effluent.

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