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Filter press, slurry and dewatering.


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17/12/09 - Australia has been declared the World Centre of Excellence for the application of an advanced fine screening technology that can substantially extend the lifespan and reduce maintenance of sewage trea
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17/11/08 - The Huber Vacuum Rotation Membrane VRM bioreactor from Eimco Water Technologies-AJM Environmental Services is particularly useful in situations where increasing drinking water shortages require at least partial reuse of treated wastewater as service
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07/11/08 - The AEROSTRIP strip aerator from Aquaconsult is used in domestic and industrial waste water treatment plants all over the world. The materials used in the construction of AEROSTRIP strip aerators are resistant against all components that are permitt
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22/12/05 - AJM's range of economical Sureblend Polymer Systems are now available for both dry and liquid polymers. Sureblend overcomes all the obstacles of manually batch systems as it is fully automated and includes automatic dosing of dry or liquid polymer.

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