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Werlatone directional couplers available from AJ Distributors in three types

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AJ Distributors  offers three types of directional couplers from Werlatone.
Werlatone directional couplers include 3-port uni-directional couplers, 4-port bidirectional couplers and 4-port dual directional couplers.
3-Port Uni-Directional Coupler:

These directional couplers consist of a main line and a coupled line, with one end of the coupled line internally terminated, while the other end serves as a coupled port. Uni-directional couplers are ideal for sampling and monitoring power in one direction at a given time.
4-Port Bi-Directional Coupler:

Similar to the 3-port directional couplers, the 4-port bi-directional couplers consist of a main line and a coupled line except that both ends of the coupled line serve as coupled ports. These directional couplers are suitable for simultaneously monitoring both forward and reverse power. The directivity of this coupler design is however, dependent upon well matched 50 Ohm loads on the coupled ports.
4-Port Dual Directional Coupler:

This design employs two 3-port uni-directional couplers internally connected in tandem to provide measurement of both forward and reverse power, and is ideal for simultaneously monitoring a system’s forward and reverse power and for reflectometer measurements. Unlike the bi-directional coupler, the directivity of the dual directional coupler is unaffected by the loads on the coupled ports.
Werlatone Mismatch Tolerant RF (Uni, Dual, Bi) coaxial directional couplers and RF coaxial combiners/ dividers are designed to operate continuously at rated power into high load VSWR conditions without damage, while their wideband non-coherent RF combiners allow customers to instantaneously combine multiple non-coherent channels onto one output.

Werlatone patented 90 degree hybrid couplers, uni, dual and bi directional couplers, and 180 degree hybrid combiners/ dividers provide up to 10:1 bandwidth capability at high power, functioning as ideal broadband RF components for emerging RF amplifier and antenna designs.

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