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New Werlatone In Phase 0° RF combiners and dividers from AJ Distributors

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article image Werlatone 0-degree RF combiners

AJ Distributors  presents Werlatone Mismatch Tolerant 0-degree high power broadband RF combiners and dividers designed to operate in high load VSWR conditions for extended periods without damage.

Werlatone provides non-coherent RF combiner designs with proven heat dissipation techniques for broadband non-coherent combining applications that combine two or more signals of differing power, frequency and/or phase onto a single output.

When specified, Werlatone can supply the 0 degree and N-Way high power combiners and dividers to tolerate full input failures on adjacent ports to ensure that the remaining transmitters continue to operate until the amplifier system can be properly shut down for maintenance.

Backed by extensive experience as a supplier to military platforms worldwide, Werlatone designs its high power broadband 0 degree RF combiners, dividers, and N-Way combiners for duty in harsh operating conditions.

Werlatone offers a range of options in connector configurations. Additional connector configurations for the high power 0 degree RF combiners/ dividers, non-coherent RF combiners and N-Way combiners are available upon request.

Model D8468 2-Way Combiner, 800-5000 MHz  

  • Isolated 2-way combiner
  • Provides 30 W CW unbalanced power handling with insertion loss of less than 0.6 dB
  • Ideal for 800-4200 MHz applications
  • Designed for military and commercial environmental conditions
Model D9042 2-Way Combiner, 3000-6000 MHz  
  • Covers the full 3000-6000 MHz bandwidth
  • Rated for 250 watts at the sum port
  • Operates with an insertion loss of only 0.25 dB max
  • Small package size measures just 2.03 x 2 x 0.87” and weighs 5 ounces
  • Excellent isolation of 15 dB minimum
  • Designed specifically for military and commercial applications
Model D8300 2-Way Combiner, 20-1000 MHz  
  • Rated at 100 W at the sum port
  • Also rated for 10 W/input in a non-coherent combining application
  • Designed for military and commercial applications
  • Will tolerate a full input failure at rated power
Model D8544W 2-Way Combiner, 20-1000 MHz  
  • Watertight version of Model D8300
  • Ideal for applications where 100% humidity is expected
  • Slightly larger to accommodate the O-Ring seals necessary for the high humidity environment
Model D8682 2-Way Combiner, 20-1000 MHz
  • High power combiner designed specifically for multi-octave, commercial and military solid state amplifier applications
  • Available with full 20-1000 MHz bandwidth at power levels ranging from 25 to 500 W CW
  • Rated at 500 W CW
  • Tolerates a full input failure at rated power with forced air cooling and 300 W CW without forced air cooling
Model D8339 2-Way Combiner, 20-2000 MHz  
  • 100:1 Bandwidth, 2-way combiner/divider
  • Provides instantaneous bandwidth from 20 to 2000 MHz at 5 W CW
  • Drop-in design and increased power level to 20 W CW coming shortly

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