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New ATC 506WLS Series ultra-broadband surface mount inductors from AJ Distributors

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AJ Distributors  introduces the new ATC 506WLS Series ultra-broadband surface mount (SMT) inductors. This product addition expands ATC’s already diverse offering of broadband products.

ATC’s new surface mount inductors are well suited for many circuit-level and system level RF and microwave applications.

Designed and manufactured using high quality materials, the ATC 506WLS Series provides reliable and repeatable ultra-broadband performance through 40+ GHz. The SMT inductors provide ultra-low insertion loss, flat frequency response and an excellent match over multiple octaves of frequency spectrum.

The 506WLS inductors have been designed as surface mount components to suit pick and place manufacturing operations. The inductor mounting bracket is fabricated from select material that is transparent at microwave frequencies.

The 506WLS has been engineered with a powdered iron (ferrite) core and lead-free, RoHS compliant terminations. Its superior broadband performance and reliability make it ideal for high speed optical data communications systems, trans-impedance amplifiers and broadband test equipment applications.

Typical applications include ultra-broadband DC coupling networks, ultra-broadband bias tee and high-speed digital logic circuits.

Key features and advantages of ATC 506WLS Series surface mount inductors:

  • Inductance: 0.47 μH to 10.7 μH
  • Operating frequency range: 400 KHz to 40+ GHz
  • Low DC resistance
  • RoHS compliant
  • Ultra-broadband performance
  • Ultra-low insertion loss flat frequency response
  • Excellent return loss through 40+ GHZ
  • Unit-to-unit performance repeatability
  • Rugged powdered iron ferrite core

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