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MeanWell 500W modified sine wave inverters available from AJ Distributors

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AJ Distributors  presents MeanWell 500W DC/AC modified sine wave standalone inverters with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar chargers.

MeanWell 500W modified sine wave inverters are standalone solar inverters that can function as energy-saving power stations with the addition of external lead-acid batteries with solar panels. The ‘free energy’ received through the built-in MPPT solar chargers, can be stored into the battery bank by solar panels and then transformed into AC output through its inverter stage.

The MeanWell 500W sine wave inverters are ideal for powering portable equipment, lighting fixtures and home appliances where the main power is not readily available.

Key features of MeanWell 500W sine wave inverters: 

  • Modified sine wave output, 500W rated power
  • Built-in 500W MPPT solar charger
  • 98% high conversion efficiency for MPPT function (typical)
  • 88% high efficiency for inverter
  • High surge power up to 200% rated power
  • Power ON/OFF switch and LED indicator
  • Input protection for BAT polarity, BAT low alarm, BAT low shutdown and BAT over voltage
  • Output protection for short circuit, overload and over-temperature conditions
  • Built-in fan ON/OFF control function
  • AC output voltage: 110VAC or 230VAC

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