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Introducing Caddock’s Type HVD low ratio TC, ultra-precision high voltage dividers

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AJ Distributors  introduces Caddock’s new range of Type HVD ultra-precision high voltage divider networks designed for use in highly demanding precision analogue electronics applications.

Type HVD high voltage dividers are available in three models with maximum voltage ratings (total resistance) of 1500 VDC (10 Megohm), 2500 VDC (20 Megohm), and 5000 VDC (50 Megohm).

Type HVD voltage dividers feature an alumina ceramic sandwich construction that offers excellent thermal conductivity enabling good heat flow away from the resistor element to minimise the temperature rise in the resistor due to power dissipation. The exceptional thermal properties of the alumina sandwich construction provide extremely stable operating performance as voltage is applied to the divider.

Type HVD voltage dividers are available with voltage ratings, resistance values and voltage division ratios that are ideal for a wide variety of precision analogue instrumentation applications including analytical instruments, laboratory equipment and precision ‘high voltage’ DVMs.
  • Voltage Ratings: 3 models with voltage ratings of 1500 VDC, 2500 VDC and 5000 VDC at +85ºC
  • Division Ratios:  100:1 and 1000:1
  • Ohm Values: 10 Megohm (1500 VDC), 20 Megohm (2500 VDC) and 50 Megohm (5000 VDC)
  • Ratio TC: 5ppm/ºC (max.) from -40ºC to +85ºC ref. to +25ºC
  • Ratio VC: As low as 0.02ppm/V (max.), measured from 10% max. voltage to 100% max. voltage
  • Ratio Tolerance: ±0.05%
  • Loadlife Stability: 1,000 hours at rated voltage/power at +85ºC, Ratio Change 0.02%, max.

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