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Caddock MP 800 Series Power Resistors

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AJ Distributors supply the MP800 Series power resistors which are fitted with either TO-220 or TO-126 Style power packages.

The thermal design issues are the same across the range however the power handling capability depends on case temperatures which are selected in your chosen design.

MP820 and MP821 TO-220 Style Power Packages are fitted with a metal mounting tab

  • 20 Watts at +25ºC Case temperature derated at zero at +175ºC
  • Metal heat sink mounting tab
  • MP820 resistance range of 10.0 ohm to 10.0
  • KMP821 resistance range of 0.020 ohm to 9.99 ohm
  • Resistor element electrically isolated from the mounting surface
  • Non-inductive design for high speed switching, snubbers and rf application
MP820 and MP821 Kool-Tab® Power film resistors are constructed using Micronox® resistance filming which is fired onto a flat ceramic substrate and thermally bonded to the copper heat sink tab. The resistor body is molded with a high temperature molding compound to complete the metal tab TO-220 package. Lead wire attachments and resistance element geometry are constructed to deliver a top non- inductive performance.

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