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ATC’s high RF power capacitor assemblies from AJ Distributors

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article image ATC’s high RF power capacitor assemblies

AJ Distributors  offers leaded capacitor assemblies from ATC that extend the capacitance, voltage and current parameters of standard multilayer ceramic capacitor products.

While assemblies of parallel grouped capacitors increase the capacitance, allow tighter tolerances and will exhibit ultra-low ESR, assemblies of series grouped capacitors will allow both tighter tolerances and higher working voltages.

When combined, parallel and series capacitor assemblies can realise increased capacitance as well as voltage rating.

High RF power capacitor assemblies can be composed of multiple capacitors in horizontal, vertical or multi-level mounting configurations.  

Key features of high RF power capacitor assemblies:

  • High voltage
  • High current
  • High capacitance values
  • Tighter tolerances
  • High reliability
  • High Q
  • Ultra-low ESR
Typical applications
  • HF/RF Power Amplifiers
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
  • Medical Electronics (MRI)
  • Broadcast Transmitters
  • Antenna Matching Networks
  • Inductive Heating

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