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ATC WBR1 Series wire bond resistors from AJ Distributors

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AJ Distributors  supplies the ATC wire bondable resistive products by American Technical Ceramics.

The ATC WBR1 Series precision wire bond resistors are designed specifically for applications that require stable thermo-compression, ultrasonic or epoxy die attachment. Application areas include hybrid chip on board circuits, multi chip module (MCM), bias networks, and test and measurement equipment as well as aerospace, medical and automotive industries.

ATC WBR1 Series wire bond resistors are built in a 0202 chip outline and are ideal for hybrid circuit applications. The WBR1 utilises ATC’s proprietary SiCr thin film resistor for extremely tight tolerances and superior Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR). Tolerance of ±0.1%, with absolute TCR of ±25 ppm/ºC is available.

The WBR1 offers excellent stability and reliability and is suitable for some of the most demanding applications in various industries.

Key features of ATC WBR1 Series wire bond resistors:

  • Resistance range: 2.5 KΩ to 250KΩ
  • Outline size: 20 x 20 mils (0.51 x 0.51 mm)
  • Passivated SiCr resistor material
  • Gold wire bondable
  • Ultra-high stability
  • Extremely low TCR available (±25 ppm/ºC)
  • Laser trim for tight tolerances
  • Top contact/ bottom isolated
  • Unique A-face value marking
  • Ideal for hybrid circuit applications

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