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AJ Distributors supplies XceedLite flash memory SSDs

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XceedLite flash memory SSDs are manufactured by SMART Modular Technologies, and available in Australia by AJ Distributor s, providing the advantage of non-volatile memory storage to mobile and embedded computing applications.

These flash memory SSDs are available in PATA and SATA-II interfaces, and deliver low power, high reliability solid state storage encased in an ultrasonically welded 1.8” housing.

Suitable for use in applications such as ruggedized notebooks and other embedded mobile computers, XceedLite units are supplied in capacities ranging from 4Gb to 64Gb and require less than 1W active power at all densities.

Low power requirements make the SSDs well suited for mobile applications where power savings can translate to longer battery life. In fixed applications, fixed power dissipation can also reduce the need and cost of cooling.

A 3Gb/s interface delivers sustained throughputs of up to 72MB/s read and 55MB/s write, with operating temperature ranges from -40ºC to 85ºC.

These storage devices also leverage advanced on-board error detection, correction algorithms and static wear levelling to ensure years of reliable operation.

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