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Auditing and inspection services by AI and OHS Consultants

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AI and OHS  Consultants identify the needs and tailor their services according to the requirements of the clients. The situations such as injury of the employees or members of the public are identified and inspection services are thus provided. The inspection services offered by AI and OHS Consultants includes regular inspection of the workplace, inspections to identify deficiencies in the workplace, physical risks surveys and so on. These services are conducted to identify the hazards that injure the employees and so on. A wide range of surveys such as access provision surveys, construction site surveys, ergonomic and workstation surveys, office safety surveys and manual handing risk surveys are also conducted by AI and OHS Consultants.

AI and OHS Consultants conduct auditing services for its clients. The auditing services are designed to cater to the specific needs of individual organisations. Auditing services such as grading audits, safety MAP, compliance auditing, trisafe audits, due delligence audit, OH&S training audits are some of the standard audits conducted by AI and OHS Consultants.

In order to compare a number of operations or locations against the elements selected in the auditing program, the grading audit can be selected by the clients. AI and OHS Consultants can use a generic model that is as per the current standards or tailor the audit according to specific needs.

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