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Water heaters with double wall systems and filters from AHTT

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AHTT  offers desuperheaters that can be used for both industrial and domestic applications. The DOUCETTE AC series can heat portable water up to 60 degree Celsius and this is done using waste heat. This product is compact and comes in ready to install form to the customers. The installation of DOUCETTE AC series from AHTT enhances the performance of air conditioners and also results in prolonged operational life. This model is also designed by using vented double wall in order to ensure safety to the users.

The double wall system also restricts the contamination of the portable water from refrigeration circuit. This model of heating system from AHTT can be used for applications in hospitals, hotels, supermarkets, schools, ice rinks, restaurants and condominiums and other similar places which requires hot water for reheat and domestic applications.

A wide range of Bernoulli filters are offered by AHTT. This filter comes as an affordable option and is also easy to maintain. The filters from AHTT is corrosion free in seawater and it also comes with a few moving parts. The filter also helps in removing debris from sea or river and other such natural water sources.

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