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Cultivation and tillage from AF Gason

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AF Gason  is one of the leading suppliers of retro-fitted cabins for major tractor manufacturers and importers located in Australia. AF Gason offers products such as air seaders, cultivation and tillage, spreaders, vineyard equipment and accessories. AF Gason is one of the award winning, ISO9001 licensed manufacturer of wide range of cultivators, fertiliser spreaders air seeders, and other specialist tools for broad acre cereal and grain growers. The heavy duty air seeders and cultivators of AF Gason are available in a wide range of specialised configurations for applications including controlled traffic, GPS controlled application rates, row cropping, raised seed bed and conventional cropping.

The cultivator and tillage variety offered by AF Gason includes conventional scaritill, hydra TILL, Culti master and controlled traffic or row crop. AF Gason designs as well as manufactures comprehensive range of soil finishing and robust tillage tools for weed control, seed bed preparation and seeding applications in almost all kinds of terrain types starting from light sandy soils to heavy loam country. The cutting widths throughout the Gason range are available from 6-4 meter (21 inch) to 20 meter (66 inch) with a choice of tine configurations as well as spacings from 175 millimetres to 333 millimetres.

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