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Single phase disconnectors from AEM Australia

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The single phase disconnectors offered by AEM Australia consists of variety such as type SL 200, type solid link, type SIL, type DIL, type SIDL, type DIDL. The EDO (cut outs) from AEM Australia comprises of collection such as type LON, type LON multi-fuse, type LON ganged, type ‘u’ fuse carriers, type solid link. The EDO fuselinks selection provided by AEM Australia includes range such as ultra fuse and dual rated ultra fuse.

The rated voltage in type SL 200 is 12 kilovolt to 36 kilovolt and the rated current is 800A and 1000A. The AEM Type "SL 200" is a single phase in line disconnector that is designed for MV Outdoor Distribution Systems to comply with IEC 129 and AS 1306-1985. The AEM Solid Link is designed in order to fit in all standard 125 kilovolt and 150 kilovolt BIL Single Vent EDO (Cut Out) Fuse Mounts. It is proposed to be used in the case where fusing is no longer required. The solid links functions as a disconnetctor without incurring additional installation costs. The AEM Type "SIL" is a single phase single insulator disconnector meant for MV outdoor distribution systems to comply with IEC 129 and AS1306-1985.

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