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Fuseboards and switchgears refurbishment available from AEM Australia

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The AEM FB12 Fuseboard provided by AEM Australia is a three phase assembly of busbars and 12 kilovolt DIN fuse holders within an enclosure. The Fuseboard from AEM Australia allows to have connection of up to three incoming underground feeder cables with a Fused Tee connection for Distribution Transformer. The AEM FB12 Fuseboard is a low maintenance and low cost alternative to a switch fuse or ring main switch, where the ability to switch load is not considered essential or when load switching can be done by other nearby switching devices.

The fuseboards from AEM Australia offers features such as fully enclosed with front viewing windows, front access for test instruments, padlockable for safety, vermin proof with rear vents to minimise dust ingress, easy access for cable termination, fuse replacement and maintenance, gland plates are available for one, two or three incoming cables, front panels, support bars and insulating panels are fully removable, cable parking facilities where feeders can be earthed and insulated from the main busbar.

AEM Australia can manufacture spare switchgears that are ageing as per client’s requirements. AEM Australia can design, manufacture and test current carrying components as per customer’s requirements. AEM Australia offers services in terms of periodic maintenance, site installations, emergency repairs, consultancy services, manufacture of disconnectors and earthing switches 12 kilovolt to 500 kilovolt, power conversion of manually operated disconnector, manufacture distribution EDO fuses, (cut outs) EDO fuselinks, spare fuse carriers and HV isolating links.

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