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Kango hammers meets demands of construction industry

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article image Incorporates advanced Anti-Vibration Technology (AVS).

AEG Power Tools’ has launched the new AEG Kango hammer range. The AEG Kango PM10E Demolition Hammer and AEG Kango PN11E Combi Hammer are the first two tools to emerge from the integration of Kango into the AEG range.

The Kango name has been synonymous with construction tools for over 50 years and has now been updated to meet the changing demands of today's construction market.

The AEG Kango PM10E and PN11E hammers outperform all the competitors in its class in durability, drilling performance and ergonomics.

The 27J blow energy created by the 450gr striker results in the best breaking performance in its class, while the 1600/1700W motor is unsurpassed for the toughest construction applications.

The hammers include Fullwave Electronics’ Digitronic, which produce precise power adjustment to the application. The direct K-Hex fitting has been designed to transfer maximum impact force through a more positive drive and has three times longer lifetime because it has six contact faces instead of only three.

The user does not have to switch between rotation and hammer only mode as the K-Hex Hammer automatically rotates a drill or holds a chisel in a fixed position, so there is no need for any change over lever. There are fewer parts to service and assemble. The K-Hex also ensures safe operation with the chisel or drill-bit determining functionality.

The new models incorporate advanced Anti-Vibration Technology (AVS) and Softgrip on all three handles that result in improved comfort and less stress for users and safeguards against injuries such as ‘white finger’.

With a vibration level of only 4m/s2 and 7m/s2 on the two main handles the in-line motor design offers a longer machine enabling the operator to stand more upright - hence reducing back stain and providing additional comfort when using the machine.

The Automatic Lubrication System, combined with the fibreglass reinforced polyamide housing and metal gear box, guarantees a significantly longer life time and increased reliability.

All AEG Kango Hammers are covered by the standard AEG two year warranty.

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