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Sensormatic Ultra Tag MT available from ADT Security

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ADT Security  have designed a new range of retail security tags based on feedback provided by customers.
Developed to address the key requirements of retailers, the Sensormatic Ultra Tag range is easy to use, secure and has minimal impact on product presentation.

The Ultra Tag AT is a lightweight apparel tag that can be used on any type of material. Sleek and compact, the tag provides a visual deterrent without detracting from the presentation of the item. The tag’s design also minimises the ability to break it using hands or tools.

The portfolio also includes the Ultra Tag MT, which is a multi-purpose tag suited to a wide range of products from wine and spirits bottles to sports items. Compactly designed to eliminate the need to realign product shelving, the tag consists of a rigid ABS plastic housing coupled with a multi-strand steel cable nylon strap for significant security against theft.

The Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) in the tags alert retail staff by setting off an alarm if a tagged item is removed from the store without first being deactivated. At the checkout, the tags can be removed by staff using a small profile decoupler, which maximises space at the point-of-sale and can be either recessed or secured to the counter top.

According to a 2007 survey, Asia-Pacific retailers ranked spirits as the most heavily-stolen product ahead of cosmetics, women’s wear and perfume. Although electronic tagging of merchandise was the security method most used, retailers admitted that while 38.6% of spirits were not protected at all, neither were the majority of trousers, shirts and shoes.

In three month trial by Almacenes Éxito, Ultra Tag MT helped cut the theft of bottled wine and spirits by more than 80%. The device has helped Almacenes Éxito to increase sales and reduce shrinkage.

Sensormatic Ultra Tag has given Almacenes Éxito, the freedom to display products openly to customers, standardise product displays and reduce losses while increasing sales.

While saving Almacenes Éxito staff significant time in protecting stock, the tag’s easy detachment also saved staff time at the register, while helping customers proceed through check-out faster.

Ultra Tag uses the Sensormatic Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) system of which ADT Security is the exclusive supplier. The EAS system is a cost effective solution employing acousto-magnetic technologies to protect merchandise.

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